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I am always surprised at how many people have surveyed sometime in their past. It comes up when I am asked what I do.

Why did I stay in surveying unlike most of the others? I enjoy the challenges the profession brings my way: being out of doors in all types of weather, environmental hazards, solving boundary problems, preparing a well drawn survey, creating a digital terrain model that accurately represents a project surface, working on a new subdivision from raw land to houses going up, and learning new software (everyone’s favorite right?).

Surveying as a profession, has a long and storied history and I enjoy being a small part of that. I have a duty to protect the public by performing a professional service to the best of my ability and it is a duty I respect and uphold. If you are looking for the cheapest survey, please look somewhere else. I am going to perform a professional service that adds value to a clients project, and while I will do it in the most cost effective manner that I can, I am not going to cut corners to meet a budget number, and expose my firm to liability costs.

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